The Dwarakamai

“Highly merciful is this masjid ayi. Once a person climbs into her lap, all their troubles are over.” –Sri Sai Baba

Arriving at the mosque for the first time, you may be rather surprised. Was this simple, unadorned structure really the home of “God on earth”? Was this really the centre from which so many miraculous events sprang? Could such a modest building have been the scene of the highest spiritual instruction that flowed forth in almost as many different forms as the number of visitors seeking it?.

Baba lived in this mosque (Dwarakamai) for 60 years. When baba stepped into shirdi first time he made this mosque as his house till death. Today also this dwarakamai making dreams true for all devotees those who put their feet up on dwarakamai steps.

This Dwarakamai located infront of samadhi mandir. You can see big portrait of sri sai baba inside dwarakamai. Their is no caste feeling in shirdi. Any religion people can enter into dwarakamai. Baba named this mosque as “Dwarakamai”. Baba given promise to his devotees ” Those who climb the dwarakamai steps,their sufferings will come to end”.