Baba’s photograph and the stone

This stone is placed in the center of the eastern wall of Dwarakamai in a small Mandap. Baba used to sit on this stone facing the west. Marble Padukas were installed on this stone. The legend has it, that this stone was in Lendibagh, Abdullah like the other villagers, used to wash clothes on it. Then they saw Baba sitting on it. So they brought it to Dwarakamai and venerated it as Baba’s Asan.

D.D.Neroy of Bombay was a great devotee of Baba who made many photo prints of Baba with one of the eleven sayings. Usually he would write ‘If you look to Me, I look to you’. He was a photo merchant and made this beautiful photo. It took him three months to frame it. On the advice of Kamu Baba, he presented it to the Sansthan to be kept in the Sabha Mandap. Baba has given Sakshatkar (darshan) from this photo with blessings and healings.